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Happy Small Business Week!

This week is the time to take every opportunity to: connect with other small businesses, offer special services or promotions to support local business development, or engage in community events and activities.

 Let's Face It....

The hardest part about all of this is finding out what events and activities are going on in the area.  Well, we have done that for you.  We compiled a list of several different sources.


We believe that engaging in small business week can really help boost business development in any community.  Look at it this way, engagement is one business strategy that takes very little effort and resources.

Use These 3 Strategies:

1. Professional development - The local chambers and small business centers commonly offer free seminars and training events for small business owners.  To add more value, the organizers hire experts and specialists to give back to small businesses in honor of this special week.  Perhaps, you didn't make it to some of those annual conferences or big ticket workshops this year.  This is your time.  Go for free!

2. Take advantage - Do you offer services/products to other small businesses?  Well you are really cutting yourself short if you're not at the small business week events to promote your services/products to other small business owners.  Even if you don't offer services/products that directly target small business owners, could this offer a segment of the demographic or target audience that fits your product/service...see where I'm going? 


3. Give Back - This is your opportunity to contribute to National Small Business Week.  Have fun with it.  Take a chance and offer a special promotion, discount, or even prizes for other small business owners.  It's a great way to build awareness for your business while showing appreciation for your clients.


View the list of opportunities that are available to small business owners in celebration of National Small Business Week  HERE 

By: M. Ann Gray, Founder and Creative Strategist at Gray Strategy Consultants, Inc.